I love teaching undergraduates and refining my teaching practice. At the University of Wisconsin-Madison, I have been recognized for my teaching with the Olmstead Award for Outstanding Teaching from the UW-Madison Department of Geography (2015), as a UW-Madison College of Letters and Science Teaching Fellow (2016), and with the UW-Madison Campus-Wide Innovation in Teaching Award (2016).

In 2018 I taught the course Introduction to the City, a 300-level lecture course in the Department of Geography at UW-Madison, which fulfills the university's ethnic studies requirement.

I have also taught as a teaching assistant for the following courses in the UW-Madison Geography and History departments:

*The Making of the American Landscape with Dr. William Cronon (Fall 2018)

*Introduction to the City with Dr. Sarah Moore (Spring and Fall 2015; Spring 2016)

*Introduction to Human Geography with Dr. Keith Woodward (Spring and Fall 2014)

*American Environmental History with Dr. William Cronon (Fall 2013).

I also serve as a Gullickson Fellow with the UW-Madison College of Letters & Science, working on campus-wide initiatves to improve the experiences of faculty and graduate student teaching teams.

I am a Future Faculty Partner with the UW-Madison Teaching Academy and participate in teacher development courses and workshops with the UW-Madison Delta Program in Research, Teaching, and Learning.